As Mexicans, we grew up not only watching but also feeling and most importantly loving Lucha Libre. Going to the Arena was a ritual full of expectations and emotion. Being there with our parents, brothers/sisters and friends, surrounded by strangers, all of us supporting our own particular idol, it didn’t matter if he was “Rudo” or “Tecnico”, good or bad, El Santo or Blue Demon, it was, along with soccer, our favorite weekly passtime for children and adults. The best way to forget our problems and fight boredom and for those two hours feel free and happy.

Going to a Taqueria before every match is a very important part of the ritual. These places are full of smells, flavors and colors where people gather to eat tacos and wait for the time to go to the Lucha Libre.

And that's what we want to bring to NY, the opportunity for New Yorkers to get a taste of real Mexican street food. Once inside La Lucha you´ll be in Mexico´s City Downtown, a few blocks from Arena Coliseo, eating tacos, listening to mambo, drinking rice water and waiting for 8:00 pm, the time La Lucha begins!

Come and Join us!

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